Radiesse® Voice
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reimbursement codes

Billing Code


CPT      31575

Flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy (diagnostic)

CPT      31579

Stroboscopy–flexible fiberoptic or rigid laryngoscopy (diagnostic)

CPT      31599

Flexible laryngoscopy with injection (trans-oral or percutaneous)

CPT      31570

Direct Laryngoscopy with injection (office and OR)

CPT      31571

Microlaryngoscopy with injection (OR only) (microscopic or telescopic)

HCPCS C 1878

Material for vocal cord medialization, synthetic implantable (RADIESSE® Voice and RADIESSE® Voice Gel)

Important RADIESSE® VOICE and RADIESSE® Voice Gel Treatment Considerations
RADIESSE® Voice and RADIESSE® Voice Gel are FDA-cleared for vocal fold augmentation and vocal fold insufficiency associated with serious aspiration disorders. After injection, patients may experience transient throat soreness, bruising, swelling, or other local side effects. More rare side effects may include over-injection or under-injection that may require repeated intervention, and as with any injection there may be a risk of infection.